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Windows 8 Infected with Shortcut Virus? Here is the Solution

What is a Shortcut Virus? Shortcut virus enters into your computer with external Peripheral Devices like Pen drive, Hard Disk, Memory cards or mobile phone just like a adware which can be removed using adware removal tool and it is capable of changing your files into shortcuts with the original folder icons. The shortcut files has hidden virus or malware which can infect your PC. A shortcut virus is an infection camouflage all your files and folders, then replace it them all with shortcut virus similar to the original virus. If there are any fake shortcuts, it gives edge to the malware that will duplicate the virus, leading to stolen personal data, worsened system performance, and all kinds of malware related effects. When we connect a flash drive to an infected PC and transfer any file, it naturally contaminates Pen drive, and all documents appeared as Shortcut. This infection can spread quickly on any external device l